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Do you have a boy dog who sprinkles, tinkles, dribbles or leg-lifts indoors? Do you find puddles and drips from your four legged friend on your floors or furniture? Tinkle Belts for Boy Dogs can help. Absorbent  Tinkle Belts are unique, patented belly bands  constructed from 100% cotton fabric and lined with a double layer of  absorbent diaper flannel. They are machine washable and have an industrial strength Velcro closure. Tinkle Belts are comfortable for your dog and don’t bind or gap. They are an effective tool to help eliminate “accidents” and dribbling in your home.  Great for home or travel.

We here at Tinkle Belts know firsthand how frustrating this problem can be. We have several rescue dogs and had many problems with the male dogs marking and dribbling around the house. It seemed that we were always cleaning puddles, no matter how many times we let our dogs out. At our wits end, we scoured the internet and stores for a solution to our problem. Nothing was effective. The products we found just didn’t get the job done. Necessity in our own home led to the birth of Tinkle Belts. They were designed to work in our own home, so they HAD to work for us and be comfortable for our dogs. We’re very proud to share our product. We receive lots of feedback from our customers who report that Tinkle Belts have saved not only their floors and furniture, but also their relationships with their pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you come up withe name Tinkle Belts?

A: Listen to our conversation on National Public Radio to learn how…


Q: How Much are Tinkle Belts?

A: See pricing chart below:

XXS – $9.99

XS – $11.99

S – $11.99

M – $11.99

L – $14.99

XL – $14.99

Custom – $14.99

Q: What is the TinkleBelt made out of?
A: It is made of 100% cotton denim and diaper flannel lining.

Q: Will my dog just take it off of himself?
A: Not usually, as the 3-inch Velcro closure is very secure. The lining is also soft and non irritating.

Q: How do I know what size Tinkle Belt my dog should wear?
A: Measure your dog around his “waist” Tinkle belts fit sizes XS (10-14″),  S (14-17″),  M (17-20″),  L(20-23″), and XL(23-26″)

Q: Do you make custom Tinkle Belts?
A: Absolutely. We can make a Tinkle Belt in any size. We’ve fit a wolfhound named Wylie with a 33 inch waist!

Q: Do I clean the TinkleBelt or are there replacement pads?
A: The TinkleBelt is machine washable & dryable.

Q: What if extra absorbency is needed (for an ill, incontinent or convalescing pet)?
A: a panty liner may be affixed to the lining of the Tinkle Belt.

Q: What if I order the wrong size?  What is your return policy?
A: We happily exchange sizes. Just contact us and tell us what you need.

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