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To find your dog’s size, measure around your dog’s “waist” The Tinkle Belt should be snug, but not tight.

It should stay in place and not slide around on the body. Dogs with especially large “boy parts” may need a wider belt. Contact us for assistance

SIZING NOTES: *If your dog is on the “cusp” of the next size, order up.

The size of the Tinklebelt is designed to hit near the size of the measurement around the dog’s waist.

XXS will fit dogs with a 7″ – 10″ waist
Tinkle Belts (SIZE XXS 7-10″ Waist)

XS will fit dogs with a 10″ – 14″ waist

Tinkle Belts, Size XS (10-14″ waist)

S will fit dogs with a 14″ – 17″ waist

Tinkle Belts, Size Small (14-17″ waist)

M will fit dogs with a 17″ – 20″ waist

Tinkle Belts, Size Medium (17-20″ waist)

L will fit dogs with a 20″ – 23″ waist

Tinkle Belts, Size Large (20-23″ Waist)

XL will fit dogs with a 23″ – 26″ waist

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