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What Are Tinkle Belts?

Do you have a boy dog who sprinkles, tinkles, dribbles or leg-lifts indoors? Do you find puddles and drips from your four legged friend on your floors or furniture? Tinkle Belts for Boy Dogs can help. Absorbent  Tinkle Belts are unique, patented belly bands  constructed from 100% cotton fabric and lined with a double layer of  absorbent diaper flannel. They are machine washable and have an industrial strength Velcro closure. Tinkle Belts are comfortable for your dog and don’t bind or gap. They are an effective tool to help eliminate “accidents” and dribbling in your home.  Great for home or travel.

We here at Tinkle Belts know firsthand how frustrating this problem can be. We have several rescue dogs and had many problems with the male dogs marking and dribbling around the house. It seemed that we were always cleaning puddles, no matter how many times we let our dogs out. At our wits end, we scoured the internet and stores for a solution to our problem. Nothing was effective. The products we found just didn’t get the job done. Necessity in our own home led to the birth of Tinkle Belts. They were designed to work in our own home, so they HAD to work for us and be comfortable for our dogs. We’re very proud to share our product. We receive lots of feedback from our customers who report that Tinkle Belts have saved not only their floors and furniture, but also their relationships with their pets.

Know What Size You Need?

SIZING: *If your dog is on the “cusp” of the next size, order up. To find your dog’s size, measure around your dog’s “waist”  The Tinkle Belt should be snug, but not tight. It should stay in place and not slide around on the body. Dogs with especially large “boy parts” may need a wider belt. Contact us for assistance

  • XXS: 7-10” waist
  • XS: 11-14” waist
  • S 14-17” waist
  • M 17-20” waist
  • L 20-23” waist
  • XL 23-26” waist
  • custom Tinkle Belts available

* For extra absorbency, use an adhesive panty liner with the Tinkle Belt.

We also make custom Tinkle Belts for our customers with special needs (ie: incontinent dogs or dogs with a heavy flow) who may need Tinkle Belts with thicker lining. Or for dogs who need more coverage with a broader band.  Contact us for more information. We’re happy to help!

You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It, Read Some Of Out Client Testimonials:

“After two years of frustration with our adopted Manchester Terrier, Charlie, we were at the end of our rope. When we rescued him, we knew he had house training issues and had not been neutered, which let us to believe he may have been part of a puppy mill breeding operation. Plus he was terrified of men…so he was neutered, we brought him home and worked with him to be a successful member of the family. His compulsive marking, however was the one habit we could not seem to break. After hundreds of $$ invested in purchasing a Rug Doctor, professional cleaning, baby gates, hiring a dog trainer, throwing out bedspreads and furniture, etc., we were resigned that life with Charlie would always be difficult and our house would always smell of urine and Glade Plug-ins.
Then one day I stumbled upon Tinkle Belts while searching online for advice on “male dogs that mark”. I ordered two, expecting that Charlie would rip them off and it would just add to his anxiety. WRONG!! We simply remove it when he wants to go out and put it on when he comes in with a treat and “good boy!” In the month since we started using them, we haven’t had one mishap, and Charlie actually likes wearing them! He is less anxious and enjoys having the run of the house, along with more positive attention from us. This product may have actually saved his life–seriously.
The size small is perfect for him. I will be ordering more–one for each day of the week!
Donna Price

“I have a 17 year old male dog who is amazingly hanging in there, except for his frequent urination. No matter how often we take him out he cannot hold his bladder. Most of the time he doesn’t even realize he’s going. He’ll be walking across the living room while peeing and not even realize it. We were so tired of cleaning up urine in our newly remodeled home that our poor dog had to keep being kenneled. I read all the reviews of this product and decided to give it a try. I AM AMAZED AND VERY THANKFUL FOR THESE BELTS. I ordered one and within 2 hours (and one pee incident which stayed in the belt, no need to clean the floor again!) I ordered 2 more for when the others are in the wash.”

“My old man thanks you also, he is able to enjoy being with his people again!”

“WONDERFUL PRODUCT! We are trying to house train a 4-year old rescue dog. It is taking quite an effort on our part. We try to always watch him, but it is not always possible. These Tinkle Belts are saving our carpeting, etc. THANK YOU!”

“Excellent product to train dogs not to mark in the home. Very good design and the dogs do not seem to even know it’s on.”

“We have never been able to keep our small, male dog from urinating in the house. He’ll go in the house even with the back door wide open! Even when we put wee pads in his favorite indoor spots, he’d use those AND find new places to go. We couldn’t set anything on the floor, had to take up all rugs and carpets, continuously wipe down or wash furniture. We then tried various types and brands of diapers and “male wraps.” Most slipped or leaked (even when we inserted sanitary pads in them) so that they did not contain the urine, and none really fit him comfortably or well. Finally we tried the Tinkle Belt, and it worked! It fits him very well and he seems not to even notice it’s on (in others he’d walk sideways, or refuse to walk at all). A sanitary pad fits perfectly in it, and it covers without slipping.
It also seems to be the only thing so far that has given him a clue about housetraining! We take it off when he goes outside, and put it on him at all times when he is inside. When we first put it on, he wet it frequently. After a couple of days, we noticed it was dry more than it was wet. It seems that he doesn’t like to feel wet, and so is learning to wait to go outside. Yay!
We liked the first belt we ordered so much that we decided to order a couple of spare belts. I accidentally ordered the wrong size, and when I asked to exchange or return and reorder in the right size, the seller offered to send the right size and asked that I donate the too-small belts I’d mistakenly ordered to the humane society in hopes of helping dogs with elimination problems keep or find homes.
A simply outstanding product by an outstanding seller.”


“I have a 3 year old Maltese, who was tinkling all over my house. Ever since he got his tinkle belt 4 weeks ago, he has only tinkled 3 times in the house. And that, is usually due to someone “forgetting” to put his belt back on when he came inside. I have washed it about 6 times and it is holding up great! Also, he has never been able to get it off and doesn’t seem to mind it at all! I am very satisfied.”

“The belts worked beautifully with my 9 month old Shih Tzu, soo well in fact that he’s no longer wearing one. Even though I put a fresh liner in each time he wet, I don’t think he liked making himself wet, and within a few days, no more marking. The seller is wonderful to work with, very friendly and eager to please. I’m so glad I found Tinkle Belts :)  Highly recommend.”

“Delivery was SO fast! The XS Tinkle Belt fits my 6lb chihuahua great and is made of high quality material. Thanks for the awesome product!”

“I love this product and more than that, my dog loves his tinkle belt. It fits perfectly!”

“These are really helpful. I tried to fashion one on my own, but I really appreciate the professional quality of the Tinkle Belt. I also have tried other types of belts, but found them to be too restricting for my dog. (He has territorial issues — rescued from a shelter.) I would recommend these for anyone who has a pet with “pee” issues! :)

“Got my order super-fast! Seller was very pleasant to work with, and should the need arise, I would purchase from her again in a heartbeat. I’m recommending this product to all my friends with male dogs, too. Thanks for a great product and great transaction.”

“The items that I ordered didn’t fit my dog and the people at Tinkle Belts were AWESOME about sending me the correct size. Nothing like real customer service to make you want to purchase more from a good company!”

“This is a great product! Didn’t know what I was going to do with my puppy until I discovered these wonderful belts. This product has saved my furniture!”

“This is a very well made product and I would very highly recommend it to anyone who has a pet with a “Tinkle” problem. It fits very nicely, washes well and is of good quality. The customer service with this company is excellent. I would recommend this company over and over and have.” V From New Mexico

“Easy to put on and take off! Only thing I add is a Panty Liner so if there is any soiling then it won’t harm my belts, I purchased 3. It doesn’t appear to bother my dogs either so that is a plus too. Easy to clean & dry, good product. ”

“My stubborn Scottish terrier likes lifting his leg whenever the urge strikes him. As an adult shelter dog, I find he is stuck in his ways and not easily trained. I had been eying these belts for a while now but afraid to waste the money. Long story short: buy this. My dog is no longer having accidents in the house. He doesn’t even have an accident on the belt itself. He just no longer feels comfortable lifting his leg. One day I didn’t put it on tight enough and he marked, but heck, an accident every once in a great while is a HUGE improvement. Soooo happy to have tried this. FYI- Medium fit my Scottie dog. ”

“We adopted another rescue dog which they say is four years old and house trained. NOT! These belts are helping us. I have several of them and I just wash them out and dry them outside if/when our little boy dog has any ‘accidents’. They are about a third the cost of other type bands, they wash easily and dry quickly. PERFECT for house training dogs. ”

“The tinkle belts are wonderful. My dog is 17 years old and unable to control his bladder any longer. These belts were a god send for me and him. ”




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